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Emergency Care Plans (ECPs) & Individual Health Plans (IHPs)

Washington State Law RCW 28A.210.320 states that any child who has a life-threatening condition is required to have a medication order, the medication, and a nursing care plan in place in order to be admitted to school.

Does your student need an Emergency Care Plan (ECP) or an Individualized Health Plan (IHP)? Will your child need a plan in place to keep him/her safe and teachers informed during the school day?
If your student has Asthma, Life Threatening Allergies (foods, nuts, bees), Epilepsy, Cardiac issues, Diabetes, Encopresis, or any life-threatening condition, the school nurse will need to have an ECP and/or IHP on file. Please read the appropriate parent ECP letter (below) for a fuller explanation.

All medications to be given or on hand at school require a Medical Authorization form be filled out.  Please print/complete/sign and turn in the following for all medications (other the counter or prescribed):  Medical Authorization (Bilingual)

If your student no longer requires an ECP or IHP, please fill out the request to cancel plan and return to the nurse: Cancellation of ECP/IHP

Life-Threatening Health Conditions
Prior to attendance at school, each child with a life-threatening health condition shall present a medication or treatment order addressing the condition. A life-threatening health condition is defined as "a condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication or treatment order providing authority to a registered nurse and nursing plan are not in place". Following submission of the medication or treatment order, a nursing plan shall be developed.

Specific medical conditions that may require an ECP or IHP

Call or email the School Nurse to prepare an ECP for Asthma, and to prepare an initial ECP
Finalized updated ECP will be distributed to teachers after forms are are recieved from parents and doctor
Every student needs the following for an Asthma ECP:
Print/complete/sign the Asthma History for all parents/guardians
Print/complete/sign the Asthma Medicine Authorization Form; parents/guardians and doctors must complete this form

Food/Beesting Allergy
Complete and sign the Food Allergy/Beesting Allergy Form to prepare an ECP. Use the medical authorization form – this is very detailed and specific as to what specific symptoms get antihistamine or Epi-Pen. There is also a specialized form that doctors can use. Feel free to print both and have your doctor decide which one to use.
Every student needs the following for a Beesting ECP:
Print/complete/sign: Bee Sting & Food Allergy History Form
Print/complete/sign: Medical Authorization SEVERE Allergy
Print/complete/sign: Severe Bee Sting or Food Allergy ECP. This will be an initial plan until nurse reviews and updates with your information.

If your student has a seizure disorder we will need to have an ECP on file to keep them safe at school.
With your doctor, review the daily seizure plan, including daily medication. Fill out history form, and have your doctor sign off on any medications needed at school if medication is needed for a seizure during the day.
Every student needs the following for a Seizure ECP:
Print/complete/sign: Seizure History 2012
Print/complete/sign: Seizure Daily Action Plan

If your student has a cardiac defect, anomaly or abnormal cardiac rhythm please inform the school nurse. Your student may need an ECP to inform staff of proper procedures to keep them safe while at school, or for after-school sports.
Every student needs the following for a Cardiac ECP:
Print/complete/sign: Cardiac History 2012
Print/complete/sign: Cardiac ECP

If your child has diabetes we will need to meet and prepare an ECP for your student . To assist the nurse with this process please print and fill out the following documents:
Print pgs 41,42 and 43 from Guidelines for Students with Diabetes for Dependent Diabetic management.
Print and fill out pages 43,44,and 45 from Guidelines for Students with Diabetes for Independent Diabetic management.
These documents will help the nurse to prepare ECP's for Low blood sugar, High Blood Sugar, and an IHP 504 of students daily routine. Please call and set up a meeting with the nurse once you have filled out the above forms
Print/complete/sign: Diabetes History
Print/complete/sign: Diabetes ECP

Encopresis is a condition closely related to chronic constipation with physical and behavioral components. Children often work closely with physician and counselor to identify reasons for "holding" or avoidance of using bathroom for bowel movements. We will develop an IHP/504 for bathroom visits and or nurse assistance with "accidents" at school.
Print/complete/sign: Encopresis IHP
Print/complete/sign: Encopresis History