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Reopening of Schools Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Reopening of Schools Advisory Committee is to host a collective conversation about school closure during COVID, planning for school re-opening, and how these decisions impact us all. These conversations will help guide our decisions on how to best keep our hope up, promote student learning engaging and relevancy, and support our families and educators.

We are inviting you to be part of a collective conversation by participating in this re-opening of schools perception survey. Your perception and sense of hope will provide feedback to inform decision making for the re-opening of our schools this Fall. 

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. The survey will close by the end of the day on Monday, June 15th.


Students Grades 4-12:

Results of the survey will be shared with the public and posted on our website two weeks after the close of the survey.

Thank you for being a part of our collective conversations around school closures and continuous learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Michelle Kuss-Cybula

June 24, 2020
8:00 - 10:00 am
Minutes are not edited. Taken as raw notes per conversations
Q&A with OSPI Superintendent
Survey Data: (Michelle emailed permissions to view all survey data, check email)
Elementary Survey
District Survey
WIAA Sports update:
Debbie Bentler will be working with Boosters on the Phasing and a safe return to sports.
Meeting set up to discuss sports and the re-opening with athletics and facilities use.
ZOOM break out groups:
Teams will be looking into the data around their work. Items will be added/posted to each sub-committee.
•    Look/discuss information at hand
•    Compare with OSPI Reopening information.
•    Draft Pro/Con option for each major category
•    Develop Q bank for each category and identify the next “guest” you may need at the discussion table for next meeting.
•    Notetake will record discussion and highlight information to share with families as key “talking points”
Exit Ticket- Next steps needed before we meet again. This may require sub committee’s to do research or have additional meetings. Please let Michelle know and she will schedule/arrange. We want to be sure we have all the information necessary before making a recommendation. If this requires additional meetings, we will add these. Note that health is changing, need to be sure that our recommendation has options for families and works best for our community.
Next Meeting and future dates
July 12th – please let Michelle know in advance if you cannot attend this meeting.
We will meet in person for the next meeting (Phase 3), masks are required as well as the 6' distance. Michelle will send out more information prior to the meeting.

Sub committee notes:
Academic & Continuous Learning Sub Committee 
Lisa Bronkema
Diane Januszkiewicz
Samantha McBride
DJ Hansberry
Angelina Nicholson (absent)
Nikki Dearing
Susie Martin
Brett Simpson
6-24-20 meeting Notes

“Scripted” summary of today’s conversation 

  • •    Consistency with drop days & ways to communication
  • •    Collaborative Teaming in MS and HS
  • •    At HS - using advisory single point of contact (idea - not formalized) 
  • •    Good be helpful at the MS.  Some parents felt “over communicated” and some felt “over communicated” with
    • o    For example if didn’t hear from 20 of 30 families will contact the 10 that I didn’t hear from 
  • •    MS students started that work dropped on Monday but the heard that some started being dropped throughout week and didn’t remember to look again
  • •    Elem - Dearing - surveyed parents every couple weeks to see how going.  
  • •    McBride - survey classes - didn’t like zoom.  But liked pre-recorded lessons to do the work when they were available.  Started an instagram page to help with communication with students (DM students needing to complete work)
    • o    Jeff Utehct - lots of information 
  • •    DJ - when does zoom work?  It doesn’t.  Works when in conversation piece.  Sometimes zooms were double booked or things were cancelled. Videos were great for teaching. 
    • o    Find the avenues to keep pestering kids
  • •    Charli (Jeff Utecht) - New learning was via 3-5 minute screen record video; Zoom was used for Social Emotional Learning
  • •    Helpful to have platforms when they are helpful
    • o    Zooms to reconnect, Office Hours Q&A with teacher, 
  • •    Susie - I wondering if zoom might be effective for students to collaborate - something we seemed to be missing this spring.
we might need two means of communication
one for students, one for parents
  • •    Students would email teacher if wanted Zoom for help
  • •    Diane - consistence platform for students and parents 
  • •    DJ - Google Classroom as the base/hub/announcement and then see what programs need to do.  
    • o    Training on how to Zoom, Google Classroom, programs to use online
  • •    Google Meets at Elem (Dearing) - hard to see all students at once.  Zoom can see everyone and put everyone in breakout rooms.  Parents in survey recommended Google Meets because work computer would not allow Zoom access.  
  • •    MS - older things that could do more in Zoom - learning opportunities for appropriate screen names - “waiting room”
  • •    ESD 105 4 user platforms will provided to all teachers and training coming in future
  • •    Google Training - Google Classroom invite parents will give parents get an overview.  Theory is that students should dig into, 
  • •    Charli - add people to Google Class - add one parent and goes through all.  Setting at “district level” that may allow parents to see more of what is working.  
    • o    Some students are uncomfortable with having parents in Google Classroom
  • •    Susie - a staff standard on when skyward is updated would be useful too.
I can share a parent email from google classroom too later in the day. I got regular reports.
  • •    Susie - 
  • •    Remind App used at the HS. 
  • •    Google Voice to communicate with text messages for parents and those students that we had cell phone.  
    • o    Warned students that call coming for California
  • •    Skyward and Google Classroom replication 
    • o    Google Classroom can speak with other 
      •     Skyward and Google are not speaking same language
  • •    Skyward communicates with ID number; 
  • •    Google Classroom speaks with student email 
  • •    Uniform expectations of what is expected
    • o    Too much, not enough, 1 lesson a week, multiple lessons per week, etc 
    • o    Here is what is expected across the district
      •     Office hours
      •     Amount / intensity of work
  • •    Drop dates by level (elem, secondary) 
    • o    Elem - just prior to weekend so parents could make plan for upcoming week
    • o    MS/HS - 
  • •    Some teachers gave lots and some gave little so it “balanced out in the end”
  • •    Equity with students 
    • o    Need to have someone next to them 1:1, lack of confidence
    • o    Not each to do this via virtually
    • o    2 Students that are opposite learners
      •     As a teacher helping my students I could do this, but 
      •     Balance between teaching and parenting
    • o    Parents that work until 5, now we are asking parents to support students.  Need to keep this in mind for students with IEP, extra guidance, ELL
  • •    Concern with the amount of time on device (Elementary example) 
    • o    Trouble with passwords with outside programs (Clever platform)
    • o    1st grade parent feedback - on line too much, doing school work while playing online video game 
      •     Susie - I wonder if chromebooks going home would help create a boundary between learning and video games if we had security set right.
  • •    MS (Bronkama) - It would be awesome if they had that setting.  So far, we have been told they haven't.  We battled that same battle in the classroom when school was still in session.

  • •    WAVA / K12 - how do they organize their data/materials? 
  • •    Working Parents not being able to help students succeed while working all day and then being parent at home.
  • •    What we did this spring didn’t work
    • o    Equity issue - working parents, parents not feeling confident to help, 
    • o    Other places are looking into Edgenuity or other online platforms?  
      •     Cost
      •     Connection between students and teachers? (added 6/25/2020)
  • •    Communicating with parents on how to communicate with instruction
  • •    10 min video
    • o    Students waiting until last minute to do the work 
    • o    How many needed parents to complete work?  
  • •    Susie - Were the elementary “week at a glance" letters helpful?
  • •     Edgenuity pros/cons
    • o    Teach to what Edgenuity teaches
    • o    Ellensburg teaching to Hybrid 
      •     Divide and Conquer
  • •    Diane and Michelle work on scheduling Edgenuity
    •     Experience at the HS is that Online programs work for those that are self-initiated, self-motivated, 
  • •    Skyward and Google Classroom work with Becky to see what hold up (Susie, 
  • •    ESD - what are the 4 platforms? (Michelle)
  • •    Brett will communicate with SCAC (athletic league) and AWSP to see what other Secondary Schools/Districts are looking at doing for next fall

Operations & Facilities Guidance Sub Committee 
Jack Williams
John Beiter
Claire Nicholls (absent)
Isabelle Martin
Wendie Kelly
Theresa Ellison
Sarah Day
Elisia Schafer
Heidi Anderson

Notes from Discussion recap:

  • •    Waterbottle fillers versus drinking fountains- discussion about the pros to filling stations.
  • •    Survey not inclusive, need more phone calling to outlying sub groups. Worried we did not hear from all of our families and is not a fair 
  • •    Survey question about calling after missing Zoom meeting- Many (maybe all) Elementary teachers used zoom calls for social-emotional, not academic. Did the question fit our district? Teachers may have answered based on calling when students weren’t completing asynchronous work. Parents/Students may have answered about teachers calling after missed zoom, social-emotional call. Heidi listed her’s as OPTIONAL for kids who wanted that connection. (Added 6/25/20)
  • •    Bring Mark onboard for next meeting and Elizabeth (CARES act money)
  • •    Large reduction in enrollment- how does that impact staff jobs? See Reopening WA Schools FAQ for school districts (added 6/25/2020)
  • •    What percent of students checked out devices/hotspots.
  • •    What facilities can be used if we are in a Phase 3? (50 limit)
  • •    When school starts, can we use gym space for additional classroom space?
  • •    Sports: Will they even be able to serve food at events?
  • •    Can we record and digitally transcribe these meetings?
  • •    Focus on what we can control and what we cannot control- and don’t spend too much time on those uncontrollable items.

 End of notes/minutes

Reopening Schools Committee Minutes

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