Graduation Alliance

In the 2011/12 school year, the Cle Elum Roslyn School District partnered with Graduation Alliance (then called The American Academy), adding a drop out recovery program to the district’s arsenal of re-engagement tools.  By placing Graduation Alliance under the umbrella of Swiftwater Learning Center, the district is able to effectively connect with students who, for whatever reasons, may be struggling to stay enrolled in school. 

  • An Online Program

    • Formerly The American Academy

    • Students can work anytime, anywhere they can get online

    • Support provided by Graduation Alliance staff

      • 24/7 online tutors

      • Assigned academic coach

      • Local advocate

  • Individualized Learning Plan

    • Allows for students to learn at their own pace

    • Fewer courses assigned at one time to help students stay focused

    • Students start next course as soon as previous courses are completed (don’t have to wait for semester end)

    • Requires students to earn a minimum of ½ credit each month

  • Graduation Requirements

    • Same as for Swiftwater Alternative High School

    • Graduate with a Swiftwater diploma

    • Invited to walk with Swiftwater’s graduation ceremony

For more information contact GRADUATION ALLIANCE or call toll free at (855) 552-8477.