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Summer Meals Program

Students in need of food service opportunities through the summer are encouraged to call or go online for information on available programs:

·         USDA Summer Meals Hotline at 1-866-348-6479. Families will receive assistance to find the location, meal times, and contact information for summer meals based on their full address, city, and/or zip code. 


·         USDA Summer meals finder at www.fns.usda.gov/summerfoodrocks. This website is easy for families to use as they can access summer meals locations by entering their zip code. 

Both of these services will begin June 15th and information will be updated weekly throughout the summer.

The Youth Services Mentor Program of Kittitas County 

Looking for a meaningful way to help students in our community?  Join with the Youth Services Mentor Program of Kittitas County and volunteer to be a friend.  Mentors meet with their student once a week, either during lunch OR outside of school hours and provide a listening, encouraging, caring presence that the student can count on over time.  For an application, please click here.

Do you have or know a student who would like to become a mentee?  This is an awesome opportunity for our students to interact with positive adult influences from our community; for the student mentee application, please click here.

For questions or more information visit our district website or contact: Crystal Church, Director  crystal-church@outhserviceskc.org ; 

509-962-2737 or 509-306-1124



We have seen a lot of germs this year in the form of pink eye, impetigo, strep throat, viral stomach bugs, upper respiratory infections, coughs, etc.  Sometimes it’s hard for parents to know when to keep students home.  If your child tells you they are sick in the morning, take a moment to evaluate and keep them home if they have symptoms that would bring them to the nurse’s office, such as but not limited too; vomiting during the night, scattered scab type rash on face, persistent cough or wheeze, nausea, matted eyes, fever, elevated pulse at rest. These can be signs that your child is not well enough to attend school.

General Stomach and Respiratory complaints: If you have a thermometer, take your child’s temperature and keep them home if they have symptoms and a fever. If your child has vomited during the night or early morning please keep them home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours .   With eye infections, if your child wakes up with matted, draining eyes, do not send them to school, they need to be evaluated by your HCP. If your Dr.  prescribes antibiotics they can be back in school 24 hours after treatment has begun, and if drainage and symptoms are under control.   Children with skin infections around the mouth and nose can be in school if they have seen a HCP, have started medication, and can keep the sores covered. This may not be possible with very young children.  Most sore throats are viral, but strep throat generally will present with fever, very painful red throat with or without white spots, headache , including nausea and vomiting in children.   Attached you will find a helpful general list of when to keep your child home that you might find useful.

We do want your child in school, but if symptoms such as persistent coughing, excessive nasal drainage, or nausea are serious enough to have their teacher send them to the nurse, they will probably not be able to focus well on their school work.

Return children to school when they have been symptom free for 24 hours for most general illnesses. Return children to school that have had skin or eye infections 24 hours after antibiotics have started and if symptoms and drainage are under control. Open sores and scabs must be covered.

REMEMBER!  Hand Washing is still the best defense against germs.

Click here for more information on various common childhood illnesses


Thank you!


Brenda Lindstrom, RN School Nurse

Matt Chase, Elementary School Principal

Lara Gregorich-Bennett, Middle School Principal