Swiftwater student watering pepper plants

Are you ready to start gardening? Swiftwater’s annual plant sale is here!

Swiftwater students started all plants from seed then transplanted them into pots for selling once the plants had grown true leaves. This year’s plant selection includes 9 types of peppers and 14 types of tomatoes! There are 6 types of cherry tomatoes, 5 slicing tomatoes, and three specialty tomatoes to choose from as well as 4 bell peppers, 4 hot peppers, and 1 sweet Italian. Some of the skills students have learned are: how to correctly water seedlings, how deep to plant the seeds in the soil, and how to correctly handle them while transplanting. Some of our students even played music for the plants to see if they will grow better!

All of the plants are looking great in the green house now and will be ready for new homes just before Memorial Day weekend. Online sales will start May 18 th for $2.50 each, with plants being ready for pick up between May 25 th and 27 th . Order early to be sure and get all your favorites!

For more information, see the plant sale link Swiftwater’s webpage cersd.org/o/swiftwater.