Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Volunteers
Welcome to Walter Strom Middle School!  We recognize and value the skills our parent have to offer our students and school and encourage you to volunteer.  Parent volunteers do many things which help students to be successful, with the added benefit of connecting parents to their children’s education. An effective volunteer has an interest in children’s education, is caring, and is dependable. The time volunteers spend in the school can make a difference in the quality of programs provided. If you want to become an active volunteer please fill out our Parent Volunteer form (found in the office) or fill it out online below. Once approved, the office can check the status of your volunteer application or you can come in with the temporary badge that comes via email and show it to the office staff. Volunteer approval is good for one year and needs to be renewed annually. Please contact the office with any questions.

Wildcat Pac

Parent Action Council

What is PAC?
The Walter Strom Middle School Parent Action Council (PAC) is a nonprofit group composed of parents who are generous with their time, talents, and interests in making our school a caring and stimulating setting. The PAC works closely with the staff to enhance the educational experiences for our children at Walter Strom. All parents/guardians are automatically eligible members for the PAC. Please join us at our meetings and activities. PAC meetings involve sharing of student activities, fund-raising activities, and specific activities. Specific times and dates will be announced in newsletters, throughout the school year. Book Fairs, Community Nights, T-shirt/sweatshirt sales, and project volunteering are just a few of the activities in which our members participate.

Got Questions? Email Davida St. Yves, davida0912@gmail.com, or Jamie Scott, momacase@gmail.com.