Counseling Guidance Center

School Counseling-Getting to the Heart of It…
We all want our children to be successful.  High school lays the foundation.  In order to earn a high school diploma, all students must become proficient in specific academic subjects.  One of my responsibilities is to coordinate and track the completion of these graduation requirements.
Before we can teach geometry and literature, we need to address any barriers to learning whether they are physical, mental, or emotional.  School is a place to learn about relationships. It is a place filled with professionals who are here because we believe in the art as well as the science of teaching.  Research shows again and again that the whole brain needs to be activated for learning to occur.  We need movement and creativity.  We need to feel well and safe.  Once these needs are met and ongoing, we are ready to learn and retain new information.
What happens when life gets in the way?  When uneven circumstances occur, it is difficult to be at school and ready to learn.  Then what?   Sometimes our children feel unable to make the timelines and benchmarks laid in front of them.  Sometimes tragedy strikes, sometimes there are specific learning disabilities, sometimes there are psychosocial issues that seem too large to put aside and get down to the business of learning.
My goal is to help children and their families find resources both at school and in the community.  When a child doesn’t experience success, we need to come together and problem solve.  We need to listen to them and believe that they want the same thing for themselves that we do; health, success, happiness, and safety.  My role as high school counselor is to be creative.   Sometimes we begin with a conference with teachers.  Other times a change of schedule may be all that is needed.  On some occasions, counseling to learn coping strategies may be helpful.   Resolution may be simple or complicated.  I am here to help.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service.

Diane Januszkiewicz