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My student is not feeling well, what do I do?  

-Call and leave a message any time or day of the week at 509-649-4710. All voicemails are sent to our email and assigned to an available team member. 

-Please leave your student’s name, grade, parent name and parent contact number. 

Covid Family Contacts:

-Jennifer Root: 509-312-5057 (text or call)

Available at the Elementary/Middle School Monday through Friday

-Charlie Divine 509-406-4634 (text or call)

Available at the High School Monday through Friday

Current Washington State Department of Health Guidance for Schools:

Update & Information Center for Covid-19

Covid Communications
In the spirit of transparency, but within HIPAA confidentiality laws, all reported student and staff positive cases of COVID-19 are posted below. The graph below represents COVID-19 cases reported to or by the Cle Elum-Roslyn School District in 2 week increments.

The graph below is updated as positive COVID-19 cases are reported to the district. 

COVID Statistic Definitions 

Total number of positives CERSD to date:
This is the total number of positive cases of all CERSD students and staff. These are cases documented through Kittitas County Public Health, home testing and testing at the Cle Elum Roslyn School District via rapid or NAAT testing.

Positive cases cleared to return to school:
This is the number of positive cases that have been cleared by the Department of Health protocol to return to school from the date listed in title of the graphic. 

Number of positives requiring contact tracing:
This is decided by the KCPHD. The health department will complete a disease investigation with that positive case and the district nurse. Contact tracing needs are dependent on when the case became symptomatic, when they were last at school, and how well the mandates of social distancing and masking were met in the school setting. * As of February 2022 contact tracing is no longer required by the Department of Health. This section of the graph will no longer be updated as of February 2022.

Quarantines required from contact tracing:
This number is decided by the KCPHD  after their disease investigation is completed. The health department will then notify those students or staff that quarantine is required based on close contact to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case. Private health information is not shared. Close contact is defined by the WA DOH as anyone who has been within six feet of them for 15 minutes or more while they were infectious.   * As of February 2022 quarantines for close contact will no longer required by the Department of Health. This section of the graph will no longer be updated as of February 2022.

Positive cases contact traced to school exposure:
This is called secondary spread in the school district. Secondary spread is defined as the spread of disease from the source to others. This occurs frequently is families. To control the spread of disease in the community, the mandates of social distancing, masking, hygiene, cleaning, and cohorting were put in to place to control the secondary spread of disease in congregate settings such a schools. This statistic is important in evaluating the success of disease control in a congregate setting. * As of February 2022 this portion of the graph will no longer be updated. Quarantine and contact tracing are no longer required by the Department of Health.

District Information

Concern or question?
The Washington State Department of Health has established a hotline with a live person to address questions from the public. If you have questions about what is happening in Washington state, how the virus is spread, and what to do if you have symptoms, please call the WSDOH hotline at 1-800-525-0127 and press # then press 2. You will be connected to a live person. This hotline is open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm and is available in English and Spanish.

Additional resources
Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions: