Board of Directors

Members of the School Board are elected to terms of four years and serve without pay.  They are responsible for district finances and for formulating educational and school district policies. 

Lacey Nicholson

Lacey Nicholson

District No. 1

Communication Rep.
Term of Office: 2021 - 2023

School Adopted: H.S.

Claire Lucke

Claire Lucke

District No. 2

Term of Office: 2013 - 2025

School Adopted: SW

Susan Miller

Susan Miller

At Large No. 2


Term of Office:2018-2023

School Adopted: Primary E.S.

Zack Hill

Zackary Hill

District No. 3

Term of Office: 2022-2023

School Adopted: Intermediate E.S.

Jennifer Simons

Jennifer Simons

At Large No. 1

Legislative Rep./ Policies

Term of Office:2021-2025

School Adopted: M.S.

Picture of Kayla Barr

Kayla Barr

Student Board Rep.

picture of sadie

Sadie Melhorn

Student Board Rep.

picture of Sarah

Sarah Hussels

Student Board Rep.