Superintendent John Belcher

Superintendent John H. Belcher


Jessica DuMars

Administrative Assistant to Superintendent

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Meetings with the Superintendent are by appointment.

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Superintendent Message

Hello and welcome!

I am privileged to assume the role of Superintendent of Schools within our dynamic community and district. Throughout my professional journey, I have been guided by a set of fundamental values that form the foundation of my educational philosophy. My emphasis on building a sense of belonging and nurturing relationships underscores the importance of openness and integrity in all my daily endeavors. People matter to me, and helping people to be their best versions of themselves is what drives me and the energy it takes to be a school leader. What we do is not always popular or supported, but I make every decision based on what is in the best interest of students. 

Serving others holds a profound significance for me, and I firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of every young mind. We take our responsibilities seriously and are grateful for the trust you place in us. What ignites my passion for this noble profession is witnessing students embark on a learning journey that guides them toward their dreams and aspirations. Equally gratifying is the opportunity to grow alongside our dedicated staff, facing the challenges of education with resilience and a shared commitment to shaping the future of our students. 

My educational journey has encompassed various roles, from being a devoted science and STEM teacher at junior and senior high levels, to assuming leadership positions as an assistant principal, principal, principal mentor, and now superintendent. I have served in large urban communities, small rural communities and medium sized suburban populations. I am grateful for a fulfilling career, owing to the support of my students, colleagues, mentors, and the collaborative spirit of the community in all the positions I have held.

Outside the school environment, I find solace and inspiration in the outdoors, my six children, four grandchildren, my supportive wife, and the strong sense of community that defines Cle Elum-Roslyn. Within this close-knit community, we are not just educators but integral members dedicated to nurturing the next generation. My overarching "why" in this work is rooted in meeting the unique needs of each individual student, ensuring their preparedness for success post-high school. Additionally, I am committed to supporting the hardworking and dedicated staff who play a crucial role in molding caring adults capable of inspiring the future of our young people.

Thank you for joining us on this educational journey. Together, let us continue to create an environment where every student thrives, and every educator finds fulfillment in their noble mission of shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Please let me know how I can best serve you!

Be well!

John H. Belcher

Superintendent of Cle Elum Roslyn Schools