Hello Families,

You may have heard a buzz in the community about remote learning. We have been working hard to maintain our in-person learning model. However, our positivity rate continues to climb which is causing a staffing shortage. While we have people who have stepped up to fill in positions, we are very fragile in holding onto in-person learning due to the staffing shortage.

We are making every effort to prepare students, staff, and our families for remote learning in the event we are no longer able to hold onto in-person learning. 

Over the course of the next two days, we will be sending students home with devices. For most students they will be using the device that has already been assigned to them and (at the Elementary level) is typically kept in the classroom. This may require students to carry their device back and forth to school each day for the remainder of the coming weeks until our staffing becomes more stable.

In the event that we need to shift to remote learning, we will be sending out schedules and further instructions on next steps and our goal would be to give families as much notice as possible.

I continue to believe that having our students in school is the safest and most supportive place to be. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our students remain in person for their learning. We have fought hard to keep our students in a healthy and safe in-person learning environment and will continue to do so as long as we have staff to cover our classrooms.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Michelle Kuss-Cybula